Introducing the 2024 Planner Collection

2024 planner inserts


It’s time to start thinking about a new year again, and we’re here to help you plan your best year yet!

With dated yearly, weekly, monthly and daily inserts, as well as some exciting new additions to the collection this year, we’ve got you covered no matter what your planner style is.

It can be hard to know which inserts are best for you, so here’s a rundown of all the option you have for 2024.



2024 personal Filofax inserts

Yearly Inserts

· Our bestselling set, packed with goodies!
· Monthly, weekly and year at a glance pages
· LOTS of extras, such as yearly goals, monthly reviews, notes, 2025 perpetual calendar, vellum cover & more!

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size.

Weekly Inserts

· Just the weeklies
· Includes monthly review and cover pages and can be used with monthly dividers
· Design varies per size to best utilise the page space

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size

2024 weekly inserts
2024 monthly planner inserts

Monthly Inserts

· Just the monthlies
· Printed back to back for using in a monthly planner section

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size.

Separable Monthly Inserts

· Just the monthlies
· Includes monthly review and cover pages, so can be used with monthly dividers

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size.

2024 Filofax monthly inserts

Daily Inserts

· A page for each day of the year
· Also includes month at a glance pages, important dates page and quote pages
· Now also includes the 2024 vellum cover

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size.

New! Month On One Page

· A month at a glance calendar that’s ideal for highlighting important dates
· Notes on the reverse for your goals, to dos or journal

Shop here in A5, personal and pocket size.

2024 planner cards

New! 2024 Calendar Cards

· January to December calendar
· Soft touch laminated
· Ideal for putting in your planner pockets or paper-clipping to your dividers to refer to throughout the year

Shop here.

2024 vellum dashboard

2024 Yearly Overview Dashboard

· Translucent vellum dashboard
· Ideal for putting at the front of your planner to refer to throughout the year

Shop here in A5 and personal size.

We’ve rebranded! Crossbow Printables is now Crossbow Planner Co.

crossbow printables rebrand

Hey friends,

After seven years of operating as Crossbow Printables, I’m so excited to unveil a new name to suit our growing brand: Crossbow Planner Co.!

I’m just bursting with excitement as I type, because yes… we’ve rebranded! I started Crossbow Printables in 2014 as a purely digital planner business, and have outgrown the name over the years as I’ve added more and more physical planning tools to the shop. So, I can’t tell you how excited I am to put on our new grown-up brand name… it’s been bubbling in my heart for the last few years!

You can expect much of the same from this little business – it’s still run solely by me, along with some help from my wonderful husband when things get really busy! We will also still be focused on creating beautiful, functional planner inserts, printable planners and accessories that help you go after your goals. But removing the word ‘Printables’ from our name frees us up to be able to create so much more, too! I have so many ideas bubbling around my head (some of which have now come to life with our exciting rebrand product launch!) and I can’t wait to design many more planning tools that will help us all to live our best lives!

Thank you so much to all of you for your support that has got us to this stage, I truly am so grateful for you.

Jordan x

How To Setup A 6-Ring Planner (Minimal Style!)

how to setup a 6 ring planner


Do you remember when you did your first 6-ring planner setup? For me, it was a pretty overwhelming experience to know where to start… what planner inserts do I choose? How many do I need? What should I put in each section?

Maybe you’re yet to fully dive into the planner world, because let’s face it, it can be hard to know where to start. I recently posted a poll on Instagram to see how many people felt overwhelmed when they were setting up their first planner, and it turns out most of us were in the same boat. So, if you’re creating your first 6-ring planner setup and need a little help on where to start, here are a few tips to get you on your way to creating the best 6-ring planner setup for you:

1. Choose a planner size that is right for you.

There are lots of sizes to choose from, but for now I’ll address the most popular three. From biggest to smallest, they are: A5, personal size & pocket size. The best way to find out which is right for you is to go to a local stationery store to see them in person. Think about whether you’ll be keeping your planner at home, or carrying it around. If you’re using it on the go, you may find personal size or pocket size will work for you, because an A5 planner can get pretty hefty! But if it’s going to be used primarily at home or work, you may love (or need!) the extra space in an A5.

2. The second question is: will you use printable or printed inserts?

Printable inserts are PDF versions of the planners that you can download and print, cut and hole-punch yourself. They’re ideal if you don’t mind a bit of DIY and want to keep the costs low, (but remember to put a 6-hole punch and a guillotine on your shopping list!). Otherwise, if you want a finished product professionally printed onto beautiful paper, go for printed.

3. Now for the fun part—time to choose your planner inserts!

It can be overwhelming to choose your inserts, so before you go to a shop like mine that has a million different options, take a few minutes to write a list of what you need to track in your planner. Is it monthly dates? Weekly to dos? Goals? Or are you hoping to get on top of cleaning, budget planning and your health? Start with a list so that you won’t be distracted by all the options.

4. Don’t forget the dividers!

You’ll need them to split your planner into sections that you can easily flip to. So, remember when choosing your inserts that you’ll most likely have 6 sections to fill.

If you’re still a little overwhelmed, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ve put together something I wish I would have had at the start of my planning journey – a Complete Planner Setup Kit! It’s a full setup of all the essential planner inserts you need to get planning, with 87 planner inserts, (printed front and back to make 175 planners), plus one of my trademark vellum quote cover pages.


minimal planner setup


At the click of a button, you’ll have a pre-organised 6-section, minimal planner insert setup to help plan your months, weeks, goals and to dos. You can even add dividers if you want to complete the minimal ‘Crossbow’ look. If you’d like to take a look at what’s included, you can shop my complete 6-ring planner setups here. (Available in A5, personal size and pocket size).


Starting at £22.50


I hope these tips and my complete planner setup kit will make it so much easier for you to set up your new planner. If you have any feedback questions, please feel free to comment below.

Happy planning!
Jordan x

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